Azizi Architects

Motorsports Theme Park

A Unique Experiencing for Racing Speed Cars

This project, envisioned to be developed on 300 to 400 acres of land, consists of race track courses, a clubhouse, guest welcome center, luxury garages, sports car showrooms, and billboards for a new state of the art Motorsports Park. The park would also include activities such as go-carting, tennis, water sports, and a resort spa and wellness center. Our design vision and aim for this one of a kind facility is focused on promoting the race car sport as well as race car industry. Utilizing the latest technology and by collaborative creativity throughout the design of the park, we intend to achieve an enjoyable experience for the members as well as the guests and visitors to celebrate this sport and the race car. For additional information you may follow our Blog on this exciting project.

Portfolio Details

CLIENT : Motorsports Theme Park (a Membership Club)

Project Type: Commercial, Recreational

Location: Middle East