Azizi Architects

The Pearl

A Symbol of Harmony and Economic Development

Azizi Architects, Inc. developed the master plan and concept for a landmark structure as a symbol of progress in Dubai over the past decade. The project was proposed as a tall monumental structure rising 170 meters, surrounded by beautiful gardens and exhibits of local culture. The base contains a library, museum, conference center, gift shop, coffee shop, bookstore, and offices. High-speed elevators transport guests to the “pearl” at 150 meters, to enjoy the spectacular views from an observation deck and restaurant. Beautiful gardens cover the roof of the base structure and provide a relaxing meditative outdoor area for families. The structure is powered by solar panels and wind turbines embedded in the tower. This is a zero emmission structure.

Portfolio Details

CLIENT : Dubai Emblem (an International Competition Project)

Project Type: Commercial, Recreational

Location: Dubai, UAE